The Lighthouse

Pentecostal Church. Christian College. Christian Academy.

The Lighthouse Youth Group
is a wonderful group of young people, currently involved in lots of activities led by 
Bro. George Bradley!

These young people are involved in the LCA YOUTH CHOIR and are playing 
instruments, working together, playing together but most importantly,
serving GOD together!   They are blowing us away with their talent and abilities.
Come hear them soon!!

They have one of the most anointed SIGN CHOIRS anywhere!  They rock the house 
when they perform.  And they love presenting the Word of God and encouragement 
thru exciting Dramas!

These kids are some of the best young people you will find anywhere.  They are 
involved in lots of activities, like youth services, plays/dramas, youth events, car 
washes, trips, etc. We are thankful for our wonderful youth group!

Come and bring your children and let them be a part
of the Lighthouse Pentecostal Church Youth Group!!!

I'm sure you'll find them some of the friendliest and best young people around!

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