The Lighthouse

Pentecostal Church. Christian College. Christian Academy.

Music Ministry:
We have so many areas of music ministry that you could be 
involved in!  Our musicians are some of the absolute best!  
We have a Hammond organ, keyboards, piano, guitars, 
bass, drums, trumpet, sax, clarinet, etc.  

We have a great 
Praise/Hymn Team that opens each 
service with a huge variety of classic hymns and new praise 
choruses.   The 
Lighthouse Sanctuary Choir is one of the 
best and most anointed choirs around!  They sing in most 
services.   The Lighthouse Christian Academy Junior Choir 
is a wonderful children's choir...they typically sing on Sunday 

The LCA Youth Choir is an exciting group of teenagers and 
young adults ... singing and praising the Lord!  These young 
people are blowing us away with their talent and worship for 
the Lord!   They typically sing on Sunday evenings!

The Lighthouse Sign Choir, which is made up of our 
teenagers, holds beautiful performances regularly, signing 
songs with black light and white is a beautiful 
thing to watch all of those hands signing songs of praise 
and adoration to music!   They perform on many 
Wednesday evenings.

Sound/Lighting/Recording Ministry:
We also have a team of talented men that work with our 
sound and lighting.  We have a professional quality sound 
system and make CDs/tapes that are available of each 

Media Ministry:
We have a team of talented individuals who work with our 
in-service media presentations, displaying lyrics for 
congregational and choir songs for everyone to be able to 
participate and join in!, as well as keeping our website and 
sign updated.

Prison/Jail Ministry:
Several of our members go each Tuesday evening at 8pm 
to the White County Detention Center in Searcy, AR and 
participate in a jail service...with music, testimonies and 
teaching as an outreach to the inmates there.  We have 
seen so many won to the Lord and baptized in Jesus' name!

Nursing Home Ministry:
Several of our members frequently hold services at the 
Beebe Retirement Center, in Beebe, AR...with music, 
testimonies and teaching as an outreach to the precious 
seniors living there.

Ladies Auxiliary:
Our Ladies Auxiliary works to care for the sick, provide food 
for funerals, holds fundraisers, and supports each other 
throughout the year.     We have a Ladies Night Out at least 
quarterly, and those nights are always such fun!!

Men's Ministry:
Several of our men gather each Sunday morning before 
service for breakfast and fellowship together.   They also 
enjoy frequent Men's Night Out dinners and Men's Retreats, 
where they canoe, camp and cookout!!

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