The Lighthouse

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We believe church is for everyone; it 
should be fun, exciting, powerful and 
relevant. See what our services are 
like and learn what's available for 
your children and youth.


Thanks for Visiting
If you are new to the Lighthouse...welcome! Visiting a new 
church can sometimes be intimidating; that's why we've 
created this resource so you can learn more about us. Feel 
free to browse around, and if you have any questions, don't 
hesitate to contact us.

Ordinary People Serving God
The Lighthouse is made up of ordinary people from all 
walks of life who understand they need to continually rely on 
God. We aren't perfect, but we seek a God who cares and 
desires to be active in our daily life.

Details about the Services
First off, come as you are.   

The Lighthouse has three services weekly, one on Sunday 
morning, one on Sunday evening and one on Wednesday 

 Sunday morning service starts at 10:00am. Typically 
we start off with worship led by our Hymn/Praise Singers, 
sing a few songs, then have the LCA Junior Choir sing, 
before the classes are dismissed to go to 
School.  The adults remain in the Sanctuary and have more 
time for music and worship, to hear what God is doing all 
around us, then to hear an applicable message relevant to 
your life.  After about an hour and a half we dismiss the 
church but provide a special time of prayer for those that 
desire it.

Sunday Evening Service, which starts at 6:00 p.m., 
is similar to our Sunday morning service, but with lots more 
music, trios, The Lighthouse Sanctuary Choir, upbeat 
praise! There is no childcare available.  Our LCA Youth 
Choir usually sings in the Sunday evening service as well!

Wednesday Evening Service starts at 7:30pm and is 
similar to the weekend services, but also includes an in 
depth Bible study for everyone.   

There is a special time of prayer beginning 30 minutes prior 
to each of these services, that you are welcome to join as 

DAILY NOON PRAYER MEETINGS are currently held 
in the MultiPurpose Room off of the Dining Hall and are 
open to any and everyone who wishes to join us!    

Monday Evening Family Prayer  is from 7-8pm and 
is open to any and all who wish to come and pray together!

Each month that has five (5) Sundays in it, on the 5th 
Sunday we have a 
SUPER SUNDAY  that starts at 2:00pm 
and generally runs until around 4 or 4:30pm.   These 
services are typically a Concert with lots of wonderful music 
and fellowship and are highlights of the year!!


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